Code Of Conduct

1. Students must remember that they are coming to an Institute of repute where discipline is on the top priority and punctuality is strictly maintained. Therefore, under no circumstances will indiscipline be tolerated.

2. Students must come to class properly and decently dressed, and are required to put uniform on dress days (if applicable).

3 .Any kind of Physical intimacy is not allowed in college campus.

4. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited during the course of study. Any body found indulged will deal severely as per the guidelines of Hon’ble Supreme Court.

5. Students should not disturb ongoing classes by talking loudly in the circulation area   which disturbs the study.

6. Students should, at all times, behave respectfully towards the Principal, Director/Members of Managing Committee, teachers and all members of staff of the Institute.

7. Students should maintain the standard of cleanliness and neatness prevailing in the Institute. Smoking is totally prohibited here and students must not throw any litter on the floor, in the corridors or in the lavatories.

8. Security guards have been appointed by the authorities to ensure that the calm and serene atmosphere of the Institute is not disturbed in any way. Students are expected to abide by the advice and suggestion of the security guards.

9. Students should be regular and punctual in their attendance. Students who fail to attend 75% of classes held will not be eligible to sit for the final examination/ Sessional Examination as per rules of University.

10. Class routines, notice for public holidays, programmes for examinations etc. will be put up on the Notice Boards. Students are advised tocheck the Notice Boards from time to time.

11. After a class is over, students must not crowd round their teacher in the corridors. Some students write vulgar words on the walls of toilets. Students must themselves prevent such things here and also be warned that security guards are constantly going round the corridors and toilets and anybody found

12. Cell phones should be switched off by students within the academic area. Students found using cell phones within the academic area may gettheir studentship of this Institute terminated.

13. Identity cards issued to the students by the Institute, must be brought to the Institution on every class day otherwise students will not be allowed to attend their respective classes and disciplinary action will be taken as per the rules.

14. The Institute shall not be responsible for mobile phones, cash or any other items lost or left behind in the College premises. Students are advised to check their respective classrooms and the lounges every time they leave those places.

15. The Institute reserves the right to declare sudden, partial or full holidays due to unforeseen circumstances, Government directives and situations beyond its control. In such cases students cannot be intimated in advance. The decision of the Institute in this regard is final.

16. Chairs and desks provided in the classrooms are meant for students. Under no circumstances should the desks and other furniture be defaced by writing names and obscene remarks on them or even by drawing on them with pens, knives and other sharp instruments.


1.    Attendance Policy:
Attendance is mandatory during all semesters of study. The minimum attendance requirement is 75% in                                     each semester; however attendance marks are based on regularity of attendance. Therefore students must attain 100% attendance in the class. Th e students must attend classes regularly and on time. Late entry in the class is forbidden except with the specific permission from HOD.

2.    Fees:
All the fee and enhancement in fee (if any) and other charges as fixed by the State Fee Committee/ competent authority. The institute fee is required to be deposited twice a year semester wise as per rules before start of each semester.

3.    Disciplinary Committee:
There is a Institute Disciplinary Committee which deals with the cases of violation of Institute rules, regulations and policies. After due investigation, the disciplinary committee recommends penalties for violations, which may include suspension, fine, withdrawal of scholarship and expulsion.

4.    Hostel:
Any Student desirous of seeking accommodation in the Institute hostel should apply on the prescribed form to the Administrative Office, at the time of admission to the Institute. However, the application made for accommodation, does not guarantee allotment of accommodation. Hostel Fee once deposited shall not be refunded.

5. Visitors:
Visitors are allowed only to the administrative block. Visitors will carry/wear ‘Visitor Slip/Card’ during visit to the Institute.

6.    Ordinance for B.Tech Courses:
The WIT is affiliated to MD University, Rohtak and follows the semester system of examinations. The academic year is divided into two semesters. The first semester is effective from August to December and second semester from January to May every year. The university examinations are held at the end of each semester. The ordinance for B Tech courses as prescribed by the M. D. University will be made available to all the students.

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