WIT is affiliated to MD University, Rohtak & all programs offered by Institute are fully accredited by AICTE. WIT currently offers 4-year degree programs in the following discipline in Engineering & Technology.


The Computer Science Engineering department offers courses leading to a Bachelor of technology in Computer Science and Engineering. The department has qualified and experienced faculty members in the areas of Computer Architecture, database Systems, Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Wireless and Sensor Networks, Computer Networks and Software Engineering.On completion of the programme, students would posses deep understanding of algorithms, computer networks, computer graphics, computer architecture both Hardware and Software.


The department of Information Technology offers undergraduate program in Information technology. There are three main areas of specialization in Information Technology, namely Network Administration, Computer Support and Programming. The curriculum of this course is designed to help the students develop knowledge about various problem solving techniques and other technical skills. This course also covers Computer Technology, Liberal arts, Algorithms, Tele-Communications, systems Analysis, Application Testing, User Interface Design and other subjects related to it. After completing this course you will also gain expertise in processing, storing, and accessing data efficiently. Information Technology includes Confidential & Communication Technology. The technological combination of Computational Resources and Communication are combined in Information Technology.


The Mechanical Engineering Department is running four year Bachelor of Technology programme in Mechanical Engineering. The department is having highly qualified and experienced faculty in all streams of Mechanical Engineering. Today, the world of Mechanical Engineering changes under the influence of advanced computational tools, vastly improved simulation and analysis, and entirely different manufacturing protocols. This has opened up new era of research in the department, such as Fracture Mechanics, Rapid Prototyping, Computational Heat Transfer, Supply Chain Management, Advanced Manufacturing Processes, CAD/CAM/CIM, Robotics and Mechatronics, Knowledge Management, Operations Management, Energy Management, Control Engineering.On completion of the programme, students of this branch would possess deep understanding of all mechanical engineering subjects including CAD/CAM and advanced design and manufacturing,  computer software.


Electronics & Communication Engineering Department offers undergraduate program in Electronics Engineering. The department has highly qualified and competent faculty members in the area of Digital Signal Processing, Active Circuits, Data Communications & Networking, Mobile and Wireless Communications, High Speed Networks, Instrumentation and Control, Optical Networks and VLSI & Micro-electronics. On Completion of the programme students would posses deep understanding of analog & digital system design, digital & analog communication, microwave engineering, computer system and good knowledge of VLSI Design & control system.


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