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Science & Technology has given rich dividends and these are increasing with the passage of time .New theories have been proposed by the engineers and these has given impetus to the development of new technologies and their useful applications. As result the technical universities and institutes in this country and abroad have felt the much desired need to review periodically the course content of their syllabus.

Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities endeavors towards holistic development of the first year students. By imparting fundamental knowledge in the subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Management, Economics, English language and Business Communication, it builds a base enabling the students to take on the engineering subjects. The courses taught by the teachers of this department lay the foundation of engineering sciences. Professional communication is of particular importance for improving the vocal and written skills of students. An understanding of Physics and Chemistry is essential to several engineering subjects like electronics, electrical engineering and engineering materials. Mathematics is undisputedly important in all fields of engineering.

The Engineering Chemistry taught deals with the study of various chemical phenomena useful for makes engineers. The knowledge of Chemistry in Engineering study relates to water chemistry, corrosion, fuels, etc forming sound foundation for Mechanical Engineering and Phase rule for the Electronics and electrical Engineering also.

Physics instructions also aim at providing sound knowledge of the basics required for various branches of engineering. The application of lasers in communication industry, the military and medicine is taught. The fundamentals of fiber optics are an exciting subject especially for communication engineering.

Mathematics is essential for the students of the engineering. Keeping in mind the specific areas of engineering where mathematical applications are essential, the engineering students are studied the principles of engineering mathematics. Mathematics has become inevitable for the growth and development of new and emerging scenarios of Engineering Sciences Mathematics is core to every engineering field. It has always believed in striving for excellence in research and teaching and has succeeded in this endeavor to a large extent.  Mathematics is both complex and beautiful. The complexity of mathematics is a reflection of complexity of the relationships that exist in the universe. The beauty of mathematics is a reflection of the ability of human mind to identify them in a technical way.

Professional Communication is essential for the students of the engineering. Better communication and presentation skills are base for an engineer. In the present age, English Communication is must for everyone. It has become the integral part of our life .We are failed without good communication in English in every field..To make effective of communication in English, we are providing the best ways to the students. So, everybody needs to be aware the value of English language.


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