Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering deals with engineered constructions, their planning, design, construction and management. The profession comprises of many disciplines like Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Surveying. In any activity ranging from defence and industrial development to social welfare and economic growth, it has the largest quantum of resource allocation and utilization.

The Department of Civil Engineering was established in the session 2011-2012 and & we are committed to have grown every year into one of the finest centers of advanced research and training in the field of civil engineering in NCR region.
The vision of the institute is to be the fountain-head of new ideas and innovation in civil engineering. Our mission is to offer world class graduate education, research guidance, and professional consultancy, outreach and manpower training as well as leadership in civil engineering.
The Department’s intention is to be in the forefront of advanced research in Civil Engineering and very pro-active in industrial interaction and technology development.

There are well equipped laboratories attached to different divisions for conducting teaching, research and consultancy activities in areas of Fluid Mech., Building Material, Building Planning & Drawing, Structural Analysis, Geoinformatics, Hydraulics & Machine, and Surveying.

Compulsory Subjects:-

Surveying                                                   Concrete technology
Fluid mechanics                                        Structural analysis
Transportation Engg.                               Soil mechanics
Geo technology                                        Ground water Engg.
Design of concrete structure                   Design of steel structures
Estimating & costing, Hydrology,             Irrigation Engg.
Disaster Mitigation and Management           Hydro power Engg.

Elective Subjects:-

Energy planning and management                  Environmental pollution and control
Finite Element Methods                                 Environmental impact and management
Elements of Earth Quake Engg.                     Hydraulic System Modeling

Toppers Students  

Parvez 83%
Ritesh Poswal 80%
Akash 78%
Ankit Yadav 77%
Nikunsh Jauhari 76%
Savinder 76%
Neeraj 75%
Maneesh Kaushik 75%
Indrajeet 74%
Harish 74%


Faculty Profile

Technical Staff

Placements Companies : Placement Companies visited in WIT campus:-

Ninex Developers , Corona Developers, Dhoot Group of companies.

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