Dean’s Message


  Dr. Satyendra Pratap Singh

 The Institute of diploma Engineering is located at 8 km Sohna Palwal Road. We offer the Diploma of  Engineering (D.Eng) degree in civil and mechanical as well as geometrics and we are privileged to have a  team of over thirty dedicated staff, who teach the above program with a current student enrollment of over 120.  It was established in 2012.

The mission of our Institute is to transmit knowledge and understanding of Engineering and Technology to the student community and make them utilize the application of Engineering and Technology towards human uplift and welfare The uniqueness about the three year Diploma Engineering Program at World Institute of Technology for the A level leavers (direct entrants) the first year is common for all. This allows them to be provided with the basic knowledge and skills in the broad disciplines of engineering, before they make an informed choice on their area of specialization, at the end of their first year. This makes our diploma engineering students very versatile and adaptable to the ever changing needs of developing agenda.

This particular approach is in response to the rapidly changing field of diploma engineering, where many of the traditional boundaries are disappearing. This means the under graduate engineer must be equipped to enter a career in which they will see many changes and he must be able to accept the challenges these changes represent, be innovative and where necessary, implement the changes while understanding the implications for finance and management. They must also possess the versatility to deal with new and unusual problems that will arise during their career as professional engineers. It is these engineering undergraduate who will provide future leadership in the industrial, research and academic environments

.I assure all the students who wish to join WIT that you will acquire the complete and comprehensive knowledge, creative and innovative practical skills and entrepreneurial attitude to attain phenomenal success in the world of competition.

I accord a warm welcome you to World Institute of Technology wish success to all you.

Dr. Satyendra Pratap Singh

DEAN, Diploma Engineering

World Institute of Technology Sohan Gurgaon