Mechanical Engineering Labs

Kinematics  of Machine & Dynamics of Machine Lab

This Laboratory has the purpose of showing students all kinds of Mechanisms and how these used. Some of the
important equipment’s like CAM, Gyroscope etc. The below equipment is called Governor which is used to regulate
the mean speed of an engine.


Strength of Material Lab

The experiments carry out to allow the students to validate the theoretical relationships between forces and also to
analyze the various stresses, strain on different materials. The lab equipped with surface hardness testing machine,
torsion testing machine, spring stiffness testing and impact testing machine.

Heat Transfer

The primary purpose of this lab is to show students experimental methods for heat transfer phenomenon and also the
thermal characteristics of different elements.
In engineering applications, we deal with many problems. Heat Transfer
through composite walls is one of them. It is the transport of energy between two or more bodies of different
thermal conductivity arranged in series or parallel. For example, a fastener joining two mediums also acts as one of
the layers between these mediums.

Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Lab

RAC lab is utilized to conduct undergraduate practicals for the subject Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (VIII Semester).
The lab is well equipped with the experimental setups, models and charts as required in the curriculum. Maintenance
is also carried out in the lab.
We offer wide range of Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Laboratory Equipment’s
analysis of refrigeration cycle in different areas of application. The trainers are manufactured using industrial
quality components under the guidance of skilled team of professionals.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

The Fluid Mechanics course is an introduction to the mechanics of incompressible and compressible fluids. It covers
the    principles   and more important theories of modern fluid mechanics. The Fluid Mechanics Laboratory course is
an indispensable   supplement  to  the theory. It    covers measuring devices  and techniques,  error analysis in
experimental works and analysis of assumptions in the theory of fluid mechanics.


Internal Combustion Engine Lab

The aim of laboratory  is to   teach the basic applications of basic laws of thermodynamics, process   of
energy conversion in I.C. engines. The internal combustion engine is a rich source of examples of
almost every conceivable type of heat transfer.
The main focus of the I.C. Engines Laboratory is in the following areas:
Performance improvement and emission control of I.C engines
Engine instrumentation and control
Use of alternative fuels in I.C engines
Engine design modifications
Simulation of I.C engine processes
Mathematical modeling of air flow, fuel sprays, combustion, emission formation and transport processes
in I.C engines.

CNC Milling  & CNC Lathe Lab

The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Laboratory houses all various CNC equipment and tools of the Department of
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. The CNC laboratory aims to enhance the student’s knowledge in
development of practical CAD models and provides exposure to the latest hardware and software which will prove
indispensable in industry. The CNC laboratory offers an academic experience necessary for the development
of a mechanical engineer pursuing
further studies and a career in manufacturing area.


Engineering Graphics & Drawing  Lab

The Engineering Graphics Laboratory allows for the development of skills in the use of drafting tools such as the
drafting machine, compass, dividers, pens and pencils, and templates and scales. Through individual study,
problem-solving activities, class lectures and other activities, students develop an understanding of drafting
and design concepts. Laboratory exercises require the application of principles, concepts, and standards
relating to technical sketching, multi view drawing, spatial visualizing, dimensioning and tolerance, threads and
fasteners, descriptive geometry and developments.

Automobile Lab

Automobiles are one of the necessities of modern life. Development & progress of the world majority is based upon
the development of modern automobiles. The lab is well-equipped and enables students to understand the
fundamentals of Automotive Engineering which includes basic structure, body style, power plant and wheel & tyre
Major Equipment in Automobile Engineering Lab are:- Chassis of an automobile, synchromesh gear box, Hydraulic
and Mechanical brake, Vehicle lighting system, Wheel and tyre assembly, Wind screen and  Clutches.

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