Resource Planning & Management Cell (RPMC) more commonly known in other institutes as Training & Placement Cell was established in the year 2008. It is run by highly qualified young people where Ms. Monika Boken (Trustee) is the Chairperson of the Cell. Keeping in view the ever changing skill set demands of the industry today; RPMC has been actively working towards providing the students of WIT all the latest Training in Technology and Personality Development. RPMC has intensively researched the changing industry trends and has been providing quality training programs to its students. RPMC has liasitn with industry and corporate sectors which results in GUARANTEED placement for eligible students.

Attendance: minimum 75% attendance.
Course completion: minimum 75% in all assessments.
Education qualification: 60% or above from 10th onwards.
Student Development Program was started keeping in view that the right attitude of the students be developed so that they have a positive mind- set in achieving their goal. This program also helps the industry as it reduces the cost of training for young trainees when employed.

RPMC has tied up with various industry leaders to create an environment which will help the students to be industry ready. Apart from the Course-curriculum, Industry oriented training is also given to the students to groom them as per the industry norms.

RPMC has also actively conducts various seminars on leading and current issue by experts in the respective fields. Such seminars enable the students to understand the view and create thought process and also help in updating them on current issues.

RPMC has also pre-planned its recruitment strategies and have already started the process of signing MOUs to provide recruitment opportunities to its students. On-Campus, Joint-Campus with various institutes and Off-Campus with various industries has already been started.

RPMC believes in CI (Continuous Improvement). We would like to assure that in order to achieve our goal we would follow the path of CI and would do whatever is required in giving best possible opportunities to our students.

RPMC Chairperson – Ms. Monika Boken

RPMC  Deen – Mrs. Rupsy Bhatia

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